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ETS Heating Units

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) is clean, safe, comfortable and reliable method of heating a home or office. This heating choice is growing in popularity in North America because it is 100% efficient and provides consumers with warm, cozy heat and significant savings. ETS room heating units store heat during off-peak hours.

Off-peak hours are those times during the day or night when your power company can supply you with electricity more economically. By utilizing ETS in your home, your power company shares this saving with you through an a lower off-peak heating rate or a time of use (TOU) rate.

During off-peak hours, ETS units convert electricity into heat and store that heat in specially designed high-density ceramic bricks. These bricks are capable of storing vast amounts of heat for extended periods of time. This stored heat is circulated evenly and quietly by fans in the unit as the room thermostat calls for heat.

The ETS equipment is easy to operate. The amount of heat stored in the brick core of the heater is regulated (either manually or automatically) according to seasonal weather conditions. The room temperature thermostat is set to your desired comfort level and will control the delivery of heat from the ETS unit.

Steffes ETS, INC. manufactures heating appliances unmatched in performance, quality, and durability. Steffes products are designed specifically for North American climates and set the quality standards for the industry. Through many years and thousands of installations across the United States, Steffes products have proven to be safe, reliable heating systems with very little maintenance.

ETS is an affordable heating choice that allows owners to utilize off-peak electricity for clean, cozy and dependable electric heat 24 hours a day. To schedule an appointment for pricing information, contact Orange County REMC at (812) 865-2229 or (888) 337-5900.


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